‘Faces And Motions’ is an international photo project and a cooperation between Georg Marlovics, photographer and photo artist from Vienna, Austria and Tea Jerković, former ballet dancer and cultural expert from Split, Croatia.

The project took place in the first week of may 2013 in different historic places in and around Split, like the ancient Salona, a former roman city, the fortress Klis, the old district Veli varoś, the riva, the Diocletian Palace in the heart of Split and the Villa Dalmacija.

All of the models are international ballet dancers from the theatre of Split, performing their arts in these mentioned places.’Faces And Motions’ combines natural light portraits with classic and modern ballet positions and stunning moves like Split leaps high up in the air.

“My intentions regarding this project are, to gather some more media attention for the hardworking ballet artists, as well as showing their abilities and expressions mixed up with the special atmosphere of the city of Split. Croatian culture in its different characteristics has always interested me. Due to the fact that the roots of my ancestors lie somewhere in Croatia, it makes this project a very special and personal one.” Georg Marlovics

The Artists

The Shooting Locations

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